Sometimes, people ask for an easy way to donate to support our work. We're reluctant to say yes. The Christian message is the good news that God gave us something we could never earn (forgiveness, new life, hope for the future, a place in his family), and he paid the full price himself (as Jesus died on the cross for our sins). For us, at the point of delivery, God's grace and kindness is free. So we want to serve the community and offer out this good news, and we want to do so free of charge.

However, especially following our church hall fire in 2014, people in the local community have been asking for ways to contribute. In the modern age, charities are increasingly offering easy ways for people to give, using the internet to keep things simple.

For a while, we partnered, who had a scheme to allow registered charities to accept donations. Apart from card-processing fees, they passed on 100% of every donation. It was also a social platform, allowing people to start fund-raising ideas and attract sponsorship for them. Sadly, they closed this down in August 2014, to drive all business through their fee-based model.

We may come up with another way for people to donate easily online. For the time being, you have to send a cheque (payable to "St Mary's Kemsing PCC" snail-mail to our parish office.