The Lord's Supper

The Woodlands service of the Lord's Supper is a very special service, that is only possible because of the small size of Woodlands church and building.

Instead of sitting in rows in pews, we sit together around the table that has bread and wine on. We sing together, we pray together, we break the bread and we share the wine. There is space for people to share personal encouragements and news.

As with all Woodlands afternoon services, there is a light supper available afterwards in the church hall. Everyone is welcome to stay, but with the Lord's Supper the food afterwards is an integral part of the evening; the time begun together around the Lord's Table continues as we share a meal with each other.

The service lasts just over an hour, but if you want to come and stay for food, allow an hour and a half to two hours.

See our Sunday Services page for details of other services.